Alice Janne

°1985 (B), lives and works in Brussels


Alice Janne's oeuvre is often qualified as 'scientific pop art' or 'archeology of the present'. Exploring the evolution of our consumer society through the traces it leaves behind; an art practice dealing with a realm of discarded objects. By methodically enlarging these minuscule found objects she says: “You are not small, you are great!”. Alice Janne shows us fragments of things we close our eyes for everyday. In the exhibition space these sculptures and paintings are spread again. As if what have drown away, is drown around again, only this time in an exposition space where we finally stop and see them.

Graduated in 2012 from ERG art school (Brussels, BE) Alice Janne holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts. In 2012 she received the Audience Award at the “Concours Médiatine Art Libre”. In 2014 she was selected for the “Prix de la Jeune sculpture” of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. Her work figures in the renowned art collection of Alain Servais. She exhibited solo and in group in Belgium and abroad a.o. Supermarket/Stockholm” Independent Art Fair (SE, 2013),Centrale/lab, Brussels (B, 2016), Urban Art Contest, Brussels (B, 2021), Le Delta, Namur (B, 2022), Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris (FR, 2022).

September 2023 Alice Janne presents her first solo exhibition at the gallery in Antwerp.


Available works


Extended Curriculum Vitae

2011Master Degree Visual Arts ERG
2012 Specialized Master Degree ERG

2012: Public award, Arts Libre

Alain Servais Family Collection

2016: The Sour, RAVI, Liège,

Solo Shows:
2023: upcoming september Eva Steynen.Deviation(s)
2022: "Fragmentation();", Kamer Negen -K9, Rixensart
2021: “Cross.World”, Urban Art-Contest, Bruxelles
2016: "Aka makigami, Ao makigami, Ki makigami", Pilote, Paris
2016: The Sour / "Voyager Mission - Sparkles & Emptiness", Centrale/lab, Brussels
2016: "Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming ", SECONDroom, DOK, Gent
2016: "De l'autre côté", Centre Culturel de Chênée, Liège
2015: "Don’t step on the mome", Exit11, Gembloux
2015: "Sunny sunday roadtrip in Detroit", projet d’édition, Vitrine Art Contest, Rivoli building, Brussels
2015: "123138226287248281", Permanent mural (Lieux-communs & Gau), Namur
2013: "153112167247298", Office d’Art Contemporain, Brussels

Group Shows:
2023: "10 Years, what a surprise!", Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerpen
2021: “Contagion”, Eva Steynen.Deviation(s), Antwerpen
2018: “Allegrarte Group Show” / first VR installation, Brussels
2017: “Platform 1, Allegrarte”, Brussels
2017: “WWYY”, Etang Noir, Brussels
2017: “Collectif 2017”, Exit 11, Gembloux (B)
2016: "Carte postale-edition-exposition", Centre Culturel de Chênée, Liège
2016: RIEN NE VA PLUS ! Pictures at an exhibition. Juan d'Oultremont , Musée D'Ixelles, Brussels
2016: The Sour / Voyager Mission, RAVI, Liege
2016: Exit 11 annonce la couleur, Exit 11, Gembloux
2016: Sommaire, Pilote, Paris
2015: Espèce d'Espaces, SPACE Collection & Lieux Communs, Centre Culturel de Namur
2015: Summer of Fashion X Cafécostume / The linings - unexpected insides, BOZAR, Brussels
2015: Poppositions, Canal Wharf, Brussels
2015: The Sour (collectif), Dexia Art Center, Brussels
2014: Young Monomaniacs, Brussels
2014: 8eme Prix de la Jeune Sculpture, La Chataîgneraie, Liège
2014: Youth...between freedom & fight, Maison Particulière, Brussels
2014: Summer exhibition, OAC Brussels
2014: « This one is for you...» , Exit 11, Gembloux
2014: « Merge », Brussels
2014: « L’Etat de la question», Maison de la Culture, Namur
2013: Art Contest, De Markten, Brussels
2013: « 40 oeuvres pour le temps futur », CCJF, Brussels
2013: Off-Art Fair Brussels, Tour & Taxis, Brussels
2013: «Please leave a message », Exit 11, Gembloux
2013: Supermarket/Stockholm Independent Art Fair (OAC), Stockholm
2012: Art on Paper (Exit 11), Brussels
2012: 3eme édition Arts Libre, Médiatine, Brussels
2012: « Papiers d’identité », Exit 11, Gembloux
2011: « ONZE », Exit 11, Gembloux